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Presidential Primary Voters List

Frequently Asked Questions: Order the List of Presidential Primary Voters (PPV)


What is the PPV list?

State law requires the Secretary of State to establish rules for releasing a list of voters who participated in the Presidential Primary by marking a political party oath. The lists, considered public record under state law, will be turned over to the state and county committees of each major political party. (RCW 29A.56.050(4)).

Who may request the PPV list?

Anyone may request the PPV list, not just representatives of the major political parties.

When will the PPV list be available?

The list will be available beginning March 27, 2008.

How much does the PPV list cost?

A copy of the list, provided on a CD-ROM, is $30. This fee covers the cost of producing the list, as provided by law (RCW 42.56.120).

How does a person or party order the PPV list?

You may request the list by telephone or by email. Please contact:

The list will be shipped after payment is received. Payment by check or money order should be mailed to:
Office of the Secretary of State
Attn: VRDB Support
PO Box 40237
Olympia, WA 98504

Credit card payments cannot be accepted.

Checks should be made payable to the Office of the Secretary of State, with a notation of "PPV List".

Customers who wish to purchase the list in person may do so at the main Elections Division office located at 520 Union Ave. in Olympia.

The requester must submit the $30 payment, by cash or check, to the front desk reception staff. The order will be processed as quickly as possible. In some cases, it may be possible to receive a disc containing the PPV list immediately after purchase at the front desk.

Is the PPV list part of the regular voter registration database report released monthly?

No, the PPV list is not part of the monthly VRDB report that includes updates to voter registration records. To create the PPV list, the Elections Division collected electronic files from all 39 Washington counties and created a consolidated, statewide list of voters who checked the “Democratic” or “Republican” oaths when voting in the February 19 Presidential Primary. The PPV list is separate from the statewide VRDB report. The party designation of voters will not be loaded to the statewide VRDB.

The regular VRDB report with data for the month of February will be available March 7, about three weeks prior to the PPV list..

Pursuant to state law, the February 19 Presidential Primary will be certified by the Office of the Secretary of State on March 11. Due to the time-intensive processes by which voter participation histories are uploaded from each county’s system to the state voter registration system, and the date the Presidential Primary is certified, the March 7 VRDB report will not include voter history data for the February 19 Presidential Primary.

The process of updating voter histories after the Presidential Primary is certified by the Office of the Secretary of State will take several weeks. The PPV list is a record of voters who participated in a Presidential Primary. Voter histories for voters who chose to vote only on local ballot measures will appear in future releases of the VRDB report.

A request made for a combined PPV list and the March 7 VRDB report is $30. Combined orders will be shipped after the PPV list is ready. Orders placed for both files made after March 27, 2008 will be shipped together with the April 4, 2008 VRDB report. In all cases, the actual PPV list file, as stored on the disc, will be separate from the VRDB report file.

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Washington Secretary of State
Elections Division
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