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2010 General Election Data

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Precinct data files - Each county's precinct results are posted. They include registered voters and ballots cast by precinct also. (Kitsap only contains state races. All others include local races also.) Some county results files include overvotes, undervotes and write-ins.

For convenience, precinct results for state races has been posted. This covers 37 counties. It does not include Kitsap and King. It also does not include turnout (registered voters and ballots cast).

On March 3, 2011, some county precinct result files were corrected for registered voters by precinct. (Asotin, Chelan, Kittitas, Klickitat, Lewis, Lincoln, Mason, San Juan, Stevens, Wahkiakum, amd Whitman). 



Folder: Precinct DataPrecinct DataSystem Account
Nov1 statewide RV demographics.xlsNov1 statewide RV demographicsSystem Account
Youth Vote in 2010 (by Circle).pdfYouth Vote in 2010 (by Circle)System Account
2010Gen number of precincts, cong, leg.xls2010Gen number of precincts, cong, legSystem Account
2010Gen RV-Active and Inactive (by county).xls2010Gen RV-Active and Inactive (by county)System Account
2010.10.29 Active Reg Voter counts by prec,Leg,Cong.xls2010.10.29 Active Reg Voter counts by prec,Leg,CongSystem Account
2010 Absentee Stats.xls2010 Absentee StatsSystem Account
2010 General UOCAVA statistics.xls2010 General UOCAVA statisticsSystem Account
2010Gen_AVU_Votes_(by_County).xls2010Gen_AVU_Votes_(by_County)System Account
2010Gen_Reconciliation_(by_county).xls2010Gen_Reconciliation_(by_county)System Account
2010Gen_turnout.xls2010Gen_turnoutSystem Account
2010Gen_Turnout_count_by_precinct.xls2010Gen_Turnout_count_by_precinctSystem Account
2010Gen Turnout Demographic by county.xls2010Gen Turnout Demographic by countySystem Account
2010Gen_EBallots_received_(by_county).xls2010Gen_EBallots_received_(by_county)System Account
2010Gen_PrecinctDistricts.xls2010Gen_PrecinctDistrictsSystem Account
2010Gen RV,turnout demographic.xls2010Gen RV,turnout demographicSystem Account
2010Gen Abstract-cong.xls2010Gen Abstract-congSystem Account
2010Gen AbstractLeg-Turnout(fixed).xls2010Gen AbstractLeg-Turnout(fixed)System Account
2010Gen Abstract-leg(fixed).xls2010Gen Abstract-leg(fixed)System Account
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