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2006 General Precinct Results

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Folder: precinct resultsprecinct results
2006Gen Cong-Leg District Breakdown HIT ESC.doc2006Gen Cong-Leg District Breakdown HIT ESC259 KB
2006Gen Cong-Leg District Breakdown.pdf2006Gen Cong-Leg District Breakdown204 KB
2006Gen-ballots.counted.over.time.xls2006Gen-ballots.counted.over.time42 KB
2006Gen-by-county prov ballots (Nov 06).xls2006Gen-by-county prov ballots (Nov 06)28 KB
2006Gen-County.results.doc2006Gen-County.results186 KB
2006Gen-reconciliation.xls2006Gen-reconciliation41 KB
2006Gen-results.pdf2006Gen-results48 KB
2006Gen-results.xls2006Gen-results106 KB
2006Gen-Turnout and AVU Votes by County.xls2006Gen-Turnout and AVU Votes by County33 KB
2006Gen-turnout.by.cong.or.leg.district.pdf2006Gen-turnout.by.cong.or.leg.district42 KB
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