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Pre-2004 Election Results and Reports

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2001 General Abstract.pdf2001 General Abstract
2001Gen Cong-Leg breakdown.doc2001Gen Cong-Leg breakdown
2001Gen County - Turnout with Absentees.rtf2001Gen County - Turnout with Absentees
2001Gen County - Turnout.rtf2001Gen County - Turnout
2001Gen County abstract data.xls2001Gen County abstract data
2001Gen County Abstract.doc2001Gen County Abstract
2001Gen Turnout 18-24yrolds.XLS2001Gen Turnout 18-24yrolds
2001Gen turnout and results by County.xls2001Gen turnout and results by County
2001Gen Turnout by Cong-Leg.rtf2001Gen Turnout by Cong-Leg
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