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Review Board

Washington State Voting Systems Review Board

All voting systems in use in Washington State must be approved at the National Level, tested by the Office of the Secretary of State and approved by the Secretary of State before use in any county. In 2005, the Secretary of State appointed a board of individuals to review voting system testing, conduct a public hearing, and make recommendations to the Secretary of State concerning the approval of the system.

The voting systems review board includes independent experts in computer science or information technology, recognized experts in election administration, and representatives of the public at large. Members of the voting systems review board are appointed to a two-year term by the secretary of state. The duties of the voting systems review board include, but are not limited to, reviewing an application for certification, as provided in WAC 434-335-090, conducting a public hearing on the application, as provided in WAC 434-335-100, and making recommendations on the application to the secretary of state, as provided in WAC 434-335-110.

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