Ballot Measures

For measures placed on the April 23 Special Election ballot:


February 22, 2019: Last day to submit resolutions for 2019 Special Election ballot

February 22, 2019: Last day to submit explanatory statement

February 22, 2019: Last day to submit 'for' and 'against' committee appointments

March 8, 2019: Last day for committees to submit 'for' and 'against' arguments

Link to the 2019 Clallam County election calendar​ for future election dates.


Resolution Cover Sheet - A short form that should be completed by the resolution sponsor. Please include this form with the resolution submission.
Ballot Measure Guidelines ​​ - A summary of information to assist in preparing ballot measure materials for the Online Voters' Guide and (for General Elections only) the paper Voters' Pamphlet. 
Committee 'For' and 'Against' Appointment Form To be submitted by the sponsor of the resolution. 

Administrative Rules for Voter's Pamphlet​ To establish the requirements for all participants involved in the production of an Online Voters' Guide and printed Voters' Pamphlet in Clallam County. The "participants" are the candidates and districts involved in an election, along with Clallam County Elections.
For additional information regarding ballot measures, please call Clallam County Elections (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri.):  (360) 417-2217