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All Boat Tabs are due June 30.

Our office will be closed July 4 & 5 please remember to come in by Wednesday July 3, 2013.

Vehicle Licensing


The Auditor’s office has been appointed by the Governor’s Office as an agent of the Washington State Department of Licensing. This responsibility encompasses:
  • Sale of motor vehicle and vessel licenses
  • Collection of license fees
  • Transfer of vehicles and vessels from one owner to another
  • Title changes to add or delete a legal owner other than the registered owner
  • Other transactions involving motor vehicles and vessels 

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The Auditor is also an agent for the Department of Revenue and collects sales taxes on transfers of such vehicles made between individuals.

Licensing & Registering a Vehicle/Vessel in Washington State

For additional information, go to the Washington State Department of Licensing website.

Boat Registration

When to renew

All boat registrations expire on June 30th. You can renew your boat registration up to 6 months before June 30th.

Renewal reminders

You won’t get a renewal notice in the mail. However, you may sign up to get renewal reminders if you would like to get an email reminding you when your decals are due.

How to renew


When you renew, you will be required to:

  • Pay all fees related to the renewal of your boat decals and registration. To see how much your decals will cost when you renew, see Calculate your boat registration fees. If renewing in person, provide the boat registration or registration number (WN#).
  • If renewing in person, present identification to show you are the registered owner of the boat. For a list of exceptions, contact your local vehicle/boat licensing office.
  • Meet any other requirements that apply.

Change of address

It is important to keep your address updated. If you need to change the address on record for your boat, you must visit a vehicle/boat licensing office in person. You cannot change the address for your boat record online or by mail.

Frequently asked questions

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