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Ferry County Auditor
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Fee Schedule



New Fee Schedule starting June 7, 2018

Schedule of Fees

June 6, 2018

Recording Hours: 8:00 a.m. through 3:30 p.m.


Assignments, Appointments, Substitutions & Resignation & Appointments of previously recorded Deeds of Trust are exempt from the Surcharge for Affordable Housing.

Assignments, Appointments, Substitutions & Resignation & Appointments of previously recorded Deeds of Trust as well as birth, marriage, divorce and death documents are exempt from the Surcharge for ending homelessness.

Washington State Dept of Employment Security documents are exempt from the additional $3 Surcharge for Preservation of Historical Documents/Programs.


Recording Instruments    

$99.00 for the first page.
$1.00 per additional page per document

Assignments, Appt, Resign & Appt,Substitution of Deeds of Trust

$16.00 first page,
per additional page

Assignment of Mortgage

$99.00 first page,
$1.00 per additional page

Deeds of Trust

$100.00 for the first page. 
$1.00 per additional  page per document

Non-Standard Recording

$50.00 in addition to other fees as mentioned above in recording instruments. Non-Standard Coversheet with signature is  RCW 65.04.048

Recording Surveys, Short Plats, and Short plat survey

$183.00 for first page, $5.00 each additional page


Boundary Adjustments & Variance 

$163.00 for the first page, $1.00 for each additional page

Recording Long Plats

$183.00 per plat minimum plus $ .50 per lot

Certified Copy 

$3.00 for first page, $1.00 each additional page

Conformed Copies $1.00 (Customer provides copy,)
Non-certified Copies of Recorded Docs ​$1.00 per page

Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage), Marriage (out of State), Order of Name Change  

$37.00 first page $1.00 each additional page

Personal Copies 

$.15 per page

Acknowledgement/Administer Oath

$2.00 per acknowledgement

Marriage License

$52.00 that includes one certified copy

Searching Records

$8.00 per hour (15 min. constitutes 1 hour)

UCC Filings 

$99.00 for first page (regular recording) $1.00 per addl. page

UCC Termination

$99.00 for first page $1.00 per add. page

Copies of Map (Large Format) 

18x24 BW $10.00 Color $11.00

24x36 BW $12.00 Color $13.00

Plus $7.00 Auditor fee

E-mail Map 


CD – Surveys or Maps  


Cemetery Deeds  


IRS Liens 

$198.00 ($99.00 to record; $99.00 to release)

Proof of Labors

$99.00 first page & 1st claim: then $99.00 for each additional claim (or group of claims) plus $1.00 per each additional page. Continuously numbered claims count as one claim. Any break in numbers constitutes another claim.

Mining Locations  

$99.00 first $1.00 each additional page

Process Servers 

$10.00 - RCW 36.22.210 (2)

Land Corners 

No Fee

Copy of land corners


Return check fee



Election Fees

Set up fees

Entire County                                                               $20.00

One to Four precincts                                                  $10.00

Commissioner Districts                                               $15.00

Daily list for returned ballots                                      $15.00

Precinct by precinct results per election                    $  4.00

CD                                                                                  $  1.00

There is an additional $.15 per page charge for computer printed lists.  The label charge is $.02 per label.

Precinct Map

County Precinct Map (Large Format)                      $12.00 fee plus $7.00 for Auditor’s office


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