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Local Voters' Pamphlet / Online Voter Guide
Information for Candidates

2014 Edition

Franklin County provides two convenient ways for candidates to communicate to voters free of charge.                             
All households will receive a printed voters' pamphlet prior to the November General Election. Candidate
Information will also be posted on the Franklin County Auditor's Website.

Candidates for the following offices may submit their information for printing in the local voters'
pamphlet and display online

Commissioner, District 3
District Court Judge
Prosecuting Attorney
Public Utility District Commissioner, District 2
If your office is not listed here, contact the county elections department for more information at
(509) 545-3538.
Candidate Statement and Photo
After your filing has been approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Secretary of State’s Office.
This e-mail will guide you through the process of submitting your candidate statement and photo.
Please note: the candidate statement submitted will be used for print and video productions. 
Also, the same statement will be used for both the Primary and General Election.















Candidate Statement Format

  • Word limit - 200 words or less
  • No tables, images, signatures or letterhead
  • No bullets or special characters

Statements exceeding word limits are shortened by deleting full sentences from the end until the limit is reached.

Tip: write your statement in first person as if you are having a conversation with someone.


How should I add emphasis?

Use italics only to emphasize specific words or statements. Bolding, underlining, and all caps are not allowed.


In addition to your statement, you may provide a short biography limited to 100 words or less. The following
headings will be provided in your biography (headings do not count as part of the 100 word limit):

Elected Experience, Other Professional Experience, Education, Community Service.

If you choose not to submit information for one of the headings listed above, the words "No information Submitted"
will appear next to the heading.  Biographies exceeding word limits are shortened by deleting full sentences from
the end until the limit is reached.

View a sample of a candidate statement

Tips from Voters

In a recent study, the Secretary of State's Office asked Washington voters what information they want to
read in a candidate statement. This is what they said:

• Edit Information as carefully as you would your resume.
• Offer your vision. Be Positive.
• What do you hope to accomplish, if elected?
• Describe what sets you apart from your opponent(s).
Avoid criticism of your opponent(s).
• Who endorses your candidacy?
• Avoid technical terms or abbreviations.


Candidate Photograph Format 

  • Must have been taken within the last five years
  • Must show only the candidate’s face, neck, and shoulders in the manner of a portrait
  • Must exclude other images, such as the candidate’s hands, anything held in the hands, or other people
  • Must not show the candidate wearing a uniform (including judicial robes) or hat or any article of clothing
    or headpiece bearing an insignia
  • Must have a plain background 
  • Must not be a cartoon, caricature, or image that does not accurately portray the candidate


Candidate Video Format

  • Video production week is May 27 through May 30
  • Videos will be hosted on the Franklin County Election Department website and YouTube page
  • The same statement used for print will be used for video
  • Video produced will be used for both the Primary and General
  • Videos are limited to 2 minutes in length
  • Must not show the candidate wearing a uniform (including judicial robes) or hat or any article of clothing or headpiece bearing an insignia
  • Contact Mike Greif at Tri-Tech 509.222.5810 to schedule a video shoot
  •  No charge to the candidates when the above conditions are met


Reminder: This video is produced to accommodate voters with disabilities, please read the original
statement submitted to our office. Any deviation from the written statement will disqualify the video
and the candidate must reimburse the $25.00 video production fee


Submitting your statement and photo

By Email: email to: elections@co.franklin.wa.us
CD: you may bring a CD to the Auditor's Office located at 1016 N 4th Ave, Pasco WA

Statements and photos must be received by 5:00pm on May 23th. 


If you have any questions or issues submitting your statement and/or photo:
Contact our office immediately by phone or email at 509.545.3538 or elections@co.franklin.wa.us            


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