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Redistricting in Franklin County and Washington State

Every ten years the United States Census Bureau conducts a census or count of the United State’s population. This census data is used by local, State, and Federal governments and businesses to make decisions and provide services.

Redistricting is the process of changing district boundaries so that each district is nearly equal in population.

Local, State, and Federal governments are required to use the updated population data to adjust district boundaries. Districts are to be comprised of nearly equal populations. Equal population between districts helps to ensure equal representation.

County Commissioner, City Districts, School Director Districts as well as Washington State’s Legislative and Congressional district boundaries are redrawn every 10 years following the United States Census.

Visit the Washington State Redistricting Commission Website



This is a map showing the new legislative boundaries with current precincts. April 30, 2012, is the deadline for all precinct changes including those to adjust precinct boundaries to align with legislative boundaries.


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