Special Purpose Districts
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Local Ballot Issues/Measures

Local Jurisdictions have the authority to request a special election by submitting a resolution to the Auditor's Office, Special elections can be conducted in conjunction with the primary and general elections, and spring election dates authorized by law.  There is no provision in Statute for placing a measure on the ballot by citizen petition in any Franklin County jurisdictions.  All issues/measures are requested by the jurisdiction.

For State measures, please see the Office of the Secretary of State's website.

Taxation Measures:

Bond issues allow for the collection of tax monies and creation of long term bonds (20 year bonds for example) typically for the purpose of constructing, repairing, and/or creating structures and facilities.


Levies alllow for the collection of a set amount of tax monies over a short period (2 and 4 year levies are common) typically for the purpose of jurisdiction maintenance, operation, and continuity of services.  Occasionally they may be earmarked for upgrades or enhancements of existing services.

Levy Lid Lift (Levy Lid Increases)

Levy Lid Lifts do exactly what the name implies: These lift the lid on the current existing levy (temporarily increases the amount of tax money to be collected by the district) when needed.

Sales and Use Tax

Generally a tax placed directly upon users of a general service within a jurisdiction for the purpose of continuing services when operating costs exceed anticipated revenues.

Voter Approval:

Levy Lid Lifts, School District Levies, Sales & Use Taxes require a simple majority (50% +1 YES votes).

Excess Levies require a minimum "Yes" vote and super majority to pass (60% YES votes).

The minimum "Yes" vote is calculated at 24% of the number of voters in the district who participated in the prior year's general election.  For example, 10,000 voters cast a ballot, 2,400 of the votes must be yes and these 2,400 votes must equal 60% of the total votes cast.

Bonds require 40% validation and a super majority to pass (60% YES votes).

Validation means enough voters participated in the election in order to consider it valid.  The 40% validation is calculated based on the number of voters in the district who participated in the prior year's general election.  For example, 10,000 voters cast a ballot, at least 4,000 voters would have to participate to validate and 60% of the total votes must be yes.

Other Measures:

Advisories are non-binding questions placed before the voters of a jurisdiction for the purpose of assisting the council or board of commissioners in a major decision making event.

Change of Form of Government

A request to change the classification of a jurisdiction.  Example: Town of Mesa to City of Mesa.


A request to absorb an area not within a district's boundaries in the district's boundaries.  Example: City of Pasco expanding city limits south due to growth.

Voter Approval

Passage / Voter Approval of these other measures will vary.  Please refer to the most current Revised Code of Washington and Washington Administrative Code, as well as the State Constitution.

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