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Local Voters' Pamphlet
Information for Candidates
2010 Edition

Franklin County provides two convenient ways for candidates to communicate to voters free of charge.

All households will receive a voters' pamphlet prior to the November 2nd General Election. 
Candidate Information will also be posted on the Franklin County Auditor's Website.

New this year

Information must be received by June 15, 2010.
The voters' pamphlet has been updated. New fonts and layout make your information much easier to read.
Write your statement in the narrative. Bullets require too much space and are not permitted.
Your campaign email, web address, and phone numbers will be printed. Your mailing address will not.

Candidates in the 2010 Pamphlet

{Candidates for the following offices may submit their information for printing in the local voters' pamphlet and display online}

County Commissioner, District 3
Prosecuting Attorney
District Court Judge
Public Utility District

If your office is not listed here, contact your county elections department for more information.

What you can Submit Quick and Easy Online Submission
• Candidate information form                Submitting your information for the voters' pamphlet is easy online!
•  Statement 1. Provide an email address when you file for office
•  Photograph 2. Gather your statement and photo. Be sure to follow all the guidelines provided in this document.
3. Check your email and follow the instructions to submit your information for the voters' pamphlet


The following standards ensure candidates comply with legal requirements and enhance readability.

If submitting by mail, submit a CD containing an MS Word file and a printed copy.

Space is limited.  The pamphlet provides room for about 1 paragraph return per 50 words. The Voters' Pamphlet staff reserves the right to eliminate excessive paragraph returns if your statement doesn't fit in the space provided. Words will not be deleted unless the word count is exceeded.

Use italics only to emphasize specific words or statements. Bolding, underlining and all caps are not allowed.

Tables, lists, bullets, or other material requiring multiple paragraphs or formatting are not allowed.

Obscene, profane, libelous, and defamatory language will be rejected.

Incidental spelling, grammer, and punctuation errors may be corrected without altering meaning or substance.

Statement Word Limits
State law sets maximum word limits (RCW 29A.32.121).

U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative--300 words

State Senator--200 words

State Representative--100 words

County Offices--250 words

Hyphenated words count as two words unless the hyphenation is listed as one word by

Statements exceeding word limits are shortened by deleting full sentences from the end until the limit is reached.

Statement FAQ 

How should I format my statement?
Space is limited so formatting is important. Format is an essay (block style). To emphasize select words, use italics only.

May I use Bullets?
To conserve space, text must be written in a paragraph format.  Bullets are not allowed.

Correct  Incorrect
I approve of justice for all,
fairness of the law, and rehabilitation.
  I approve of
 Justice for all
 Fairness of the law

Is my campaign contact information published?
Your campaign telephone number, email, and website are publshed only if provided in the lower section of your candidate information form.

Be sure your campaign contact email and web address are functional when you submit your statement.

Will I receive a draft? If so, may I change it?
A courtesy copy of your information formatted for the voters' pamphlet will be mailed to you. Read it carefully. Please notify us if we have made an error. No other changes will be accepted.

Tips from voters
In a recent study, the Secretary of State's Office asked Washington voters what information they want to read in a candidate statement. This is what they said:

 Describe what sets you apart from your opponent(s).
 Edit Information as carefully as you would your resume.
 What do you hope to accomplish, if elected?
 Who endorses your candidacy?
 Avoid technical terms that may not be generally understood.
 Offer your vision. Be Positive.
 Avoid criticism of your opponent(s).


Each candidate may submit one self-portrait.  If mailed, the photograph may be submitted digitally on a CD.

Limit photo to the head and shoulders. Use a light-colored background (not white). Color photos are preferred; black-and-white is acceptable. Photos must be no more than 5 years old.

Do not show the uniform or isignia of any organization that advocates or teaches racial or religious intolerance, or suggests the wearer has held public office. (RCW 29A.32.110)

Digital Photos
Must be a resolution of at least 300 dpi and not digitally altered.

 Photo FAQ

Professional photo or snapshot?
Professional photographs reproduce the best. If you choose to have an amateur take your photo, here are some tips.

 A neutral-colored background is best.
 Take numerous shots. Are should be softly lit to avoid facial and background shadows
 If digital, make sure the resolution is 300 dpi or better.
 Choose the best one.

Can I submit a photo printed at home?
No. A photo printed at home will not reproduce well in the voters' pamphlet. If you have a photo on your home computer, submit the file online or burn a CD and mail it in.

How do I submit?

Information must be received by 5:00pm on June 15, 2010.

Email to:

Elections Department
Franklin County Auditor's Office
1016 N. 4th Ave
Pasco, WA 99301

Call the Franklin County Elections Department at (509) 545-3538.

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