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Recording Fees

Effective July 23, 2017

Format: All recorded documents must meet the formatting requirements mandated by the state in RCW 36.18 and 65.04. Click here for a summary of the requirements.


Note: Recording fees listed are for the first page of the document only.
Each additional page on documents is $1.00, unless indicated otherwise.


Recording Fees  
Recorded Documents - Most Documents $ 74.00
Liens (Except for City, County, or State Liens) $ 74.00
Deeds of Trust $ 75.00
Assignments of previously recorded Deeds of Trust $ 16.00
Appointments/Substitutions of Trustee $ 16.00
Surveys, Condos, Plats $158.00
     (Additional pages $5 each)
​Large Lot (Paper) ​$100.00
​Short Plats (Paper) ​$100.00

  Boundary Line Adjustments (Not Mylar)

     (Additional pages $5 each)
Death Certificate $ 34.00
Marriage License (cash only) $ 68.00



Other Fees  
Certified Copies -  First page of document $3.00
     (Additional pages $1 each)
Non-certified Copies (per page) $1.00



Excise Fees  
In addition to filing fees many documents require "excise fees" before being recorded. Documents go to the Treasurer's office (360-249-3751) (JEnstrom@co.grays-harbor.wa.us) to determine if excise fees are appropriate. The Treasurer’s office will then forward the documents to Recordings.
NOTE: Send two checks – 1 for excise fees and 1 for recording fees.
Examples of documents requiring an excise stamp include (but aren't limited to) the following:
Affidavit of forfeiture Indenture & Agreement
Bill of Sale Patent
Boundary Line Adjust Easements
Decl. Of Forfeiture Real Estate Contracts
Deeds (all except D.O.T.) Security Agreement
















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