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Documents Not Recorded


The Auditor is frequently presented with a request to record documents which should rightfully be filed elsewhere. The following shows where many of these documents properly belong, as well as a reminder that some of the mentioned documents are not to be recorded.  The Federal or State law is cited where applicable. 



Proper Place

RCW Reference
Abstract of Judgment (Garnishment of Wages of Record upon demand - Public Employee) County Clerk (see garnishment of wages) 4.64.120
Acceptance by Political Corporation Recordable if attached to conveyance 24.03.015
Abandonment of Fictitious Business Names County Clerk  
Affidavit of Completion - City Name Change Elections, Secretary of State 35.62.021
Affidavit of Right Courts 4.28.140
Agreement - Hazardous Waste Dept. of Ecology and/or Health Dept. 70.105.200
Agreement of Merger - National Banks Federal  
Alcoholic Beverage License Notice of Intended Transfer Business License, City or County 66.24.010
Alcoholic Beverage License   66.20.160
Annexation - City Certificate of Completion Elections 35.13
Annexation - Declaration of Final Ordinance Elections 35.13
Articles of Incorporation - Business Associations Secretary of State 23.86.055
Articles of Merger Secretary of State 23.86.230
Bond, Stop Notice Person served with Stop Notice 60.04.221
Bonded Stop Notice Construction Lender 60.04.221
Bond - Payment (Public Works) Contracting public entity 60.04.221
Brand Names Secretary of State 19.77
Brand (Animal) State Director of Agriculture  
Certificate of Limited Partnership County Clerk, Secretary of State 25.10.100
Chattel Mortgage Dept. of Licensing, UCC Division 61.16.010
Citizenship/Naturalization Papers Illegal to record or copy 8 U.S.C. 132A
Conditional Sales Contract Dept. of Licensing, UCC Division 62A.2-107
Copyrights (literature) Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress  
Copyrights (music) Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress  
Docked Horses County Clerk  
Fictitious Business Name County Clerk  
Garnishment of Wages (Public Employees) Controller, Auditor (Payroll) or other disbursing officer 46.01.010
Notice of Exemption (Environmental Impact Statement) County Clerk  
Patents Commissioners of Patents, Washington DC  
Payment Bond (Public Works) Contracting Public Entity 39.08.010
Power of Attorney for Corporate Surety Bonds County Clerk  
Preliminary Notice Property Owner or Original Contractor and Construction Lender 60.04.210
Request for Reconveyance Trustee  
Trademarks Secretary of State 19.76.060
Stocks/Bonds DO NOT RECORD  
Alien Registration DO NOT RECORD 8 U.S.C. 132A
US Certificate of Citizenship DO NOT RECORD 8 U.S.C. 132A
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