Precinct Committee Officer Elections (PCOs)
The next PCO candidate filing will occur in May of 2018


General Information:
Each precinct has two positions open; one for the Democratic Party and one for the Republican Party.  PCO candidates must affiliate with one of those parties when filing.
The term of office is two years and starts on December 1st, every even year.
There is no filing fee for PCOs.
PCOs are not eligible to submit candidate statements.
You must be registered to vote in the precinct you file for; to check which precinct you live in visit and enter your voter registration information.
There are two ways for PCOs to be elected:
  1. If only one candidate files for either the Democratic or Republican position, that candidate is considered elected after the last day to withdraw, May 23, 2016, and issued a certificate of election.
  2. If two or more candidates file, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes in the Primary will be elected and issued a certificate of election effective the day of the Primary Election.  PCOs do not advance to the General Election ballot.

If no one files for office, the political party may fill the position by appointment. (RCW 29A.28.071) A special 3-day filing period will not be held for PCO positions.

Helpful links:

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