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149 3rd Ave N
P.O. Box 1010
Okanogan, Wa 98840

Elections Dept.
Finance Dept.
Phone: (509) 422-7240
Fax: (509) 422-7163
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Election Day Hours:
8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Vehicle License Dept.
Phone: (509) 422-7350
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Recording Dept.
Phone: (509) 422-7240
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.



149 3rd Ave N
P.O. Box 1010
Okanogan, Wa 98840

Elections Dept.
Finance Dept.
Phone: (509) 422-7240
Fax: (509) 422-7163
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Election Day Hours:
8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Vehicle License Dept.
Phone: (509) 422-7350
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Recording Dept.
Phone: (509) 422-7240
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Monday, May 13 through Friday, May 17, 2019 (RCW 29A.24.050, RCW 29A.20.200)

All Declaration of Candidacy Forms must be in the Auditors Office by 4:00 PM, May 18, 2018.  Online filing closes as 4:00 PM on May 18, 2018.

Declaration of Candidacy Forms for Offices that are state wide or involve more than one county, are filed with the Secretary of State in Olympia.  For more State candidate filing information go to the Secretary of State web site at www.vote.wa.gov .


Dates to be determined. (If Needed)  (RCW29A.24.181)

There will be a Special 3-day filing period for offices for which no one filed during the regular filing period.  A list will appear at the end of the regular  filing period.


All candidates must be registered voters in the geographic area represented by the office.  (RCW 29A.20.020).


No candidate's name shall appear more than once upon the ballot, unless that name appears once for the office of Precinct Committee Officer, in which case the name may appear not more than twice. (RCW 29A.36.200)


Each Declaration of Candidacy Form must be accompanied by the Filing Fee. The Filing Fee is 1% of the fixed annual salary at the time of filing. (Per Diem, Per meeting fee or other fee paid based on participation is not a fixed salary.) Minimum Fee is $10.00. If the office has no fixed annual salary, there will be no filing fee. A nominating petition may be submitted in lieu of the filing fee. It must contain valid signatures of registered voters of the district equal in number to the dollars of the normal filing fee.

Filing Fees are not refundable. (RCW 29A.24.130)

You can not pay your filing fee on line.  You must have the filing fee into the Auditor's Office by the close of filing.


Declaration of Candidacy forms will be available at the Auditors Office.


Filings made by mail must be received by the filing officer no earlier than ten working days before the first day for filing (May 1) nor later than the close of business on the last day of the filing period (May 17). Filings received before or after this time period, irrespective of postmark, are invalid and will be returned. (RCW 29A.24.080)


Any candidate may withdraw in writing through Monday, May 20, 2019. Filing fee will not be refunded. (RCW 29A.24.130)


Any person who desires to be a write-in candidate and have such votes counted at a primary or election may file a declaration of candidacy with the officer designated in RCW 29A.24.070 not later than the day ballots must be mailed according to RCW 29A.40.070. Declarations of candidacy for write-in candidates must be accompanied by a filing fee in the same manner as required of other candidates filing for the office as provided in RCW 29A.24.091.

Check with the Auditor's office for more information. (RCW 29A.24.310)



Public Disclosure forms must be filed within 14 days of the beginning of a political candidacy or campaign.

If you have a current F-1 on file, one filed by April 15, 2019, you do not need to file another one within two (2) weeks of becoming a candidate.

What Candidates Must File Disclosure Reports?

 Reporting requirements are determined by the number of registered voters in the jurisdiction where the candidate runs for office.  In some jurisdictions, the total amount of contributions a candidate expects to receive also determines the reporting requirements.

You must file a personal financial affairs statement (F1) and campaign disclosure (C forms) if you are:

  • a state office candidate
  • a county office candidate
  • a local or judicial office candidate in a jurisdiction with 5,000 or more registered voters
  • a candidate who receives or expects to receive contributions of $5,000 or more in the aggregate regardless of the number of registered voters

File just a personal financial affairs statement (F1) if you are:

  • a candidate for local or judicial office in a jurisdiction with 1,000 or more registered voters but less than 5,000 registered voters and you do not expect to receive contributions totaling $5,000 or more

A candidate seeking election to an office in a jurisdiction with less than 1,000 registered voters and who does not receive or expect to receive contributions totaling $5,000 or more does not file any reports with the Public Disclosure Commission.

A political committee is exempt from reporting if its sole purpose is to support or oppose a local ballot measure in a town or district that had fewer than 1,000 registered voters as of the last general election.

Ballot Proposition Campaigns encompassing a district with more than 1,000 registered voters must file Campaign Financial Reports (C forms).

All necessary forms can be obtained from the Public Disclosure Web site or call the Public Disclosure Commission Office.

Refer requests for further information to:

Public Disclosure Commission
711 Capitol Way, Suite 206
P.O. Box 40908
Olympia, Wa 98504
(360) 753-1111
Fax (360) 753-1112



a) Exempt from Public Disclosure

                   Cemetery District Commisioners
                   Precinct Committee Officer

b) Districts under 1,000 registered voters.

Nespelem School District #14
Pateros School District #122-70J
City of Brewster
Town of Conconully
Town of Coulee Dam
Town of Elmer City
Town of Nespelem
City of Oroville
City of Pateros
Town of Riverside
City of Tonasket
Town of Twisp
Town of Winthrop
Fire District #2
Fire District #7
Fire District #8
Fire District #9
Fire District #10
Fire District #11
Fire District #12
Fire District #16
Lake Osoyoos Water District

c)  Districts between 1,000 and 4,999 registered voters.

 Just file the Declaration of Candidacy form.  The Public Disclosure Form F-1 is also required.  The F-1 is due within two (2) weeks of becoming a candidate.  The F-1 is sent directly to the Public Disclosure Commission.  The F-1 is not required to be filed with the county.

Okanogan School District #105
Brewster School District #111-203J
Methow Valley School District #350
Tonasket School District #404
Oroville School District #4l0
City of Okanogan
City of Omak
Fire District #1
Fire District #3
Fire District #4
Fire District #6
Douglas-Okanogan Fire District #15
Coulee Area Park & Recreation District
Tonasket Parks & Recreation District


d)  Districts with 5,000 or more registered votes.

The Public Disclosure Form F-1 and Campaign Finance Forms (C-1, C-3, C-4, Etc.) are required. File Declaration of Candidacy form. File F-1 within two (2) weeks of becoming candidate. File Campaign Finance Forms in accordance with reporting option desired. Campaign Finance Forms are to be filed directly with Public Disclosure and also filed (copy) with the County.

County Offices (Commissioner, Auditor, Assessor, etc.)
Superior Court Judge
PUD District Commissioner
Omak School District #19
Hospital District #l
Hospital District #3
Hospital District #4


Nonpartisan offices for which more than two candidates filed will appear on the Primary Election Ballot.

Partisan Offices - All will appear on the Primary Election Ballot.

Order of names on the Primary Election ballot will be determined by lot.

For offices for which no Primary Election is held, the order for the General Election will be determined by lot. 
(RCW 29A.36.130)

Partisan offices - The top 2 vote getters for each office will appear on the General Election ballot.

Precinct Committee Officers will be elected on the Primary Election ballot.


Friday at the close of filing, a random selection will be done to determine the order on the ballot.  If only one candidate filed for an office, no drawing will be held for that position.  The drawing will be done for both Partisan and Nonpartisan offices and candidates.


  1. Proof the list of candidates.
  2. Determine the office with the largest number of candidates.  .
  3. Place a number of bingo balls into the container to the number of candidates for that office.
    1. For instance, if the office has five candidates, balls numbered 1-5 are placed in the container.
  4. After mixing the balls, they are removed from the container one at a time, recording each number in order.
  5. This determines the order for all offices on the ballot. 

Order of balls drawn:  3, 1, 4, 2, 5 

Office 1           Office 1 Ballot Order            Office 2           Office 2 Ballot Order
Fairley              Moss                                        Buckles            Ramsay
Johnson           Fairley                                      Duncan             Buckles
Moss                Roberts                                    Ramsay            Duncan
Roberts            Johnson                                           
Smith                Smith 

If there are fewer candidates than positions drawn, skip the numbers that do not apply. 

When candidates withdraw, the candidates simply move up in line. 

This ballot order also applies to special filing periods.

When the drawing is completed, a new list of candidates filing for the offices will be compiled with the candidates shown in the order resulting from the drawing. This list will be given out to anyone requesting a list of people who filed for office.


If there is a Primary, the candidate that received the most votes will appear first on the ballot.  The top two vote getters will appear on the General Election.

Names of candidates not subject to a Primary will be listed on the General Election Ballot in the order determined by lot drawing.  (RCW 29A.36.130)


An automatic recount applies to candidates and state-wide measures and will occur under the following situations.

Machine Recount
If less than one-half of 1% of votes cast separates candidates or issues and it is less than 2,000 votes.

Hand Recount
State wide – If less than .25% (1/4 of 1%) and less than 1,000 votes.

All other – If less than .25% (1/4 of 1%) and less than 150 votes.

All requested recounts must be submitted no later than three (3) working days after the official canvass is completed. (RCW 29A.64)


If after the recount, the candidates for an office received the same number of votes (Tie), the winner will be determined by lot publicly. (RCW 29A.60.220)


All newly elected officials will take office the first of the year, unless the time of assumption is different by statue.  The oath of office can be taken up to 10 days before the scheduled date of assuming office.  (RCW 29A.20.040)


Sessions of the legislature shall be held annually, commencing on the second Monday of January. (RCW 44.04.010)


State ballot measures approved by the voters become law upon proclamation of the Governor. This is within 30 days of the election unless a different effective date is contained within the text of the measure. (RCW 29A.60.260)

Top Two Primary - Partisan Offices

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold I-872 will result in Washington State’s first Top Two Primary.  The impact of this new system involves some important points for prospective candidates.  These changes only apply to partisan offices.  These rules do not apply to nonpartisan offices, Precinct Committee Officers, or the office of President.


  • File the Declaration of Candidacy form and pay the filing fee as usual.
  • Candidates may indicate a political party preference on the Declaration of Candidacy, or select no party preference; a candidate’s preference will apply to both the primary and general elections.
  • No nomination or endorsement by a party either before or after filing is required.
  • Major political parties may not prevent a candidate from expressing a preference for their party.
  • Minor party candidates and candidates without a party preference do not need to conduct conventions nor gather signatures; candidates need only to file a Declaration of Candidacy and pay a filing fee, if applicable.
  • If no one files for a particular race, then that race will be re-opened for a special three-day filing period.
  • If only one or two candidates file, that race will still appear on the primary election ballot. Filing will not be reopened if only one candidate files.
  • The ballot will have two lines for every candidate.  The candidate’s name will appear on the first line.  The second line will contain a statement regarding the candidate’s preference. This statement will appear on both the primary and general election ballots.
  • The two candidates who receive the most votes in the primary qualify for the general election.  Candidates must also receive at least 1% of the votes cast for that race in order to advance to the general.



  Michael Sarratt
  270 Benson Creek Dr
  Twisp, Wa  98856

 (509) 470-5351
 [email protected]


 Christa (Tiegan) Levine 

204 Antwine Ave. S
Tonasket, WA 98855

[email protected]


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