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Elections Home
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Offices Open for Election
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2016 Administrative Rules for Measures (Feb-Apr)
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Mental Competency and Voting Rights
Felons and Voting Rights
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Voters with Disabilities
Ballot Drop Boxes
Maps Precincts/Districts
Online Voters Guide
Special Purpose Districts
Jursidiction Handbook
2016 Feb/Apr Administrative Rules for Measures
Initiatives and Referenda
San Juan County Ordinance No. 25-2008
The Power of Initiative and Referendum in SJC
Initiative and Referendum Guide for Washington State
Initiative and Referenda Handbook for San Juan County
2016 Aug-Nov Administrative Rules
2016 Feb/Apr Administrative Rules for Measures
Register to Vote
Publications and Brochures
Initiatives and Referenda Handbook
2015 Voters' Pamphlet Rules for Candidate Statements
2015 Candidate Handbook
Jurisdiction Handbook
2016 Voter Pamphlet Rules for Measures (Feb-Apr)
2016 Administrative Rles for Measures (Aug-Nov)
Voter Challenges
Elections Calendar