Accessible Voting in Skamania County
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Accessible Voting Units are located in the Auditor's Office, 240 NW Vancouver Ave, Stevenson, WA, and are available beginning 20 days prior to each election day during normal business hours.
Accessible Voting Units are equipped with audio and visual technologies that allow voters with limited vision to vote a truly secret ballot, and also allows voters with physical disabilities to vote more independently.
Accessible Voting Units (AVU's) have been proven to be secure and extremely reliable. A battery back-up ensures that continuity in case of a power failure, and the AVU maintains a verified paper record of the selections made (which is sealed for additional security). AVU's are not connected to any type of network or internet, and ballot selections are encrypted and scrambled for 100% voter privacy.
For more information on how to vote on our Accessible Voting Units, please view the video below:
(Please note that the video is optimized for Internet Explorer. If you are using an alternative browser such as Firefox or Chrome, it may not load properly. If you wish to view the video directly on You Tube using a different browser, you can click here)

We are open
Monday - Thursday

(Closed Fridays and Holidays)


240 NW Vancouver Ave
Stevenson, WA 98648

Mailing address:
PO Box 790
Stevenson, WA 98648

Phone (509) 427-3730
Fax (509) 427-3740

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Hours: Mon. – Thurs.
7:30 – 5:15
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