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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Q.   What are the qualifications to be eligible to vote?
A.   You must:
  •  Be a US Citizen by birth or naturalization
  •  Be eighteen years old on or before election day
  •  Be a resident of Washington State for at least 30 days
  •  Must not be denied the right to vote based on a felony conviction or court order determining mental incompetence

  • Q.
    What information will I need to provide to register to vote?
    A.   You'll need your:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Residential address
    • Mailing address if different than above
    • Former address or name if you are changing either
    You'll also need to provide:
    • A valid ID (see the next question)
    • Your signature on the affidavit (oath) on the voter registration form
    • Your affirmation on the form that you are a US Citizen
    • Have a Washington State Driver's License or Washington Identification Card. If you have neither of these, the last four digits of your Social Security number.
    • A signature attesting to the truth of the information provided on the application
    Q.   Do I need an ID to register to vote?
    A.   You will need a Washington State driver’s license, Washington State ID card, or a Social Security number. If you do not have any of those forms of identification, you may provide one of the following:
    • Valid photo ID
    • Valid Tribal ID from a federally recognized State of Washington Indian Tribe
    • Copy of a current utility bill
    • Current bank statement
    • Copy of a current government check
    • Copy of a current paycheck
    • A government document that shows both your name and address
    Q.   When can I register to vote?
    A.   You may register at any time. However, to be eligible to vote in the next election you may register by mail up to 29 days before an election. After that time, if you are not registered in Washington State, you can register in person at your County Elections Office until Monday one week before Election Day.
    Q.   Where can I pick up a mail-in registration form?
    A.   Registration forms are available at:
    • Spokane County Elections Office
    • City and Town Halls
    • All staffed fire stations
    • All public library branches
    • All public school administration offices
    • All state agency offices
    • Online Registration (You must have a Washington Driver's License or State Issued ID)
    • Printable Voter Registration Form
    Q.   What if I move?
    A.   Whenever you move you must change your address on your voter’s registration. This may be done by completing an online registration form or sending us an email or personal letter. If you send an email or letter to the elections office, please include your old and new addresses and your date of birth. You must change your record no later than 29 days prior to the election to receive the proper ballot. If you move from one county to another, you must re-register in your new county.
    Q.   What if I have moved and have not updated my registration?
    A.   Spokane County forwards vote-by-mail ballots. A forwarded ballot indicates you need to update your address with the elections office, please contact us at (509) 477-2320.


    If your ballot is returned to the County Auditor with an undeliverable address or out of county address from the postal service, the County Auditor may change your status as a voter from active to inactive and mail out a confirmation notice to all known addresses. If you do not respond to the notice or do not contact the County Auditor’s Office before two federal elections pass, your voter registration will be cancelled. It is very important to notify your County Auditor’s Office when you move.

    Q.   What if I change my name?
    A.   Whenever you change your name you must update your voter's registration. This may be done by completing an online registration form  or a form that you've downloaded or picked up at a city hall, staffed fire station, public school or library, the office of any state agency or the Spokane County Auditor's Office or elections office. Make sure you indicate on the form, your old name and address and previous signature (using your former name). Sign the affidavit (oath) on the registration form using your new name. You must change your voter's record no later than 29 days prior to an election to vote under your new name.
    Q.   Is my voter registration current?
    A.   State legislation requires the County Auditor/Election Department to inquire into the validity of a voter’s registration if a (1) voter identification card (2) vote by mail ballot, or (3) jury notice are returned by the post office as “Non-deliverable.” You may call the elections office at (509) 477-2320 to check the status of your registration. You may also Check Your Voter Registration Status on-line.
    Q.   If I register to vote will I have to serve on a jury?
    A.   The master jury pool list is drawn from the lists of people with a Washington Drivers License,  Washington Identification Card or those who are registered to vote. Click here for more information on jury duty.
    Q.   I'm an ex-felon and have done my time. How do I get back my vote?
    A.   In general, if you’ve "done your time", including payment of fines and fees, you are eligible to register to vote. For details on restoration of voting rights see Felons and Voting Rights on our web site.
    Q.   I know someone who lives outside the city limits but is registered to vote in the city, what can be done?
    A.   A voter who has knowledge that another voter is improperly registered to vote may file a voter registration challenge.
    Q.   Do I register by political party?
    A.   Washington State does not ask for party affiliation when registering to vote. You may be asked to select a partisan ballot or designate a party when voting in a partisan primary.
    Q.   Can we get registration forms for a registration drive? What do we need to do and how do we register people?
    A.   Go to our web page on “Voter Registration Drives” for information on conducting a drive and on the process of registering voters.
    Q.   Do you sell or release information from the voter registration rolls to anyone? How do I protect my voter information from being released to anyone?
    A.   Voting in the United States is a public activity, therefore most information from the voter list is a public record, phone numbers are an exception. The information may only be used for political purposes.
    Q.   I received a notice that you had inactivated me as a voter, does this mean you're going to cancel or inactivate me?
    A.   If you do not respond to the notice your voting status will remain in an inactive status. If you do not vote in two Federal elections from the date of the notice your registration will be canceled. 

    If you respond, we will update your address in our records if within Spokane County. If you have moved out of Spokane County your registration will be canceled. You will need to register in the new county that you are residing in.
    Q.   A member of my family has moved to a care center and is no longer able to vote, how can I remove them from the registration list?
    A.   Cancelling someone’s right to vote is not, and should not be an easy process. A person’s registration will be cancelled after several years if they fail to respond to mailings sent to them by the Spokane County Elections Office. A person’s right to vote can be cancelled if they are declared mentally incompetent by a court. See Mental Competency and Voting. 

    A power of attorney does not apply to a persons voting rights.
    Q.   A member of my family recently died, how can I get them removed from the voter registration list?
    A.   The Secretary of State’s Office gets periodic reports from the State Health Department on people who have died. They are removed from the voter rolls. In addition, the Spokane County Elections Office receives similar reports from the Spokane County Regional Health District and receives obituaries from local newspapers. People whose names are on these reports are also removed from the registration list.

    Only another registered voter may request a deceased voter be removed from the registration rolls. That person making the request must submit a statement, subject to the penalties of perjury, that it is their personal knowledge or belief that a registered voter is deceased. The statement must be submitted to the Spokane County Elections Office or Secretary of State’s Office. Such a statement must contain language indicating it is subject to the penalties of perjury, RCW 29A.08.510. Click here for a form you can use to file the statement.
    Q.   I'm concerned about voter fraud, why do I have to mail my ballot with the Post Office?
    A.   You don't. There are several options for returning your ballot in an election:
    • Return it by mail
    • Deposit it at a Voter Service Center
    • Deposit it at the Spokane County Elections Office at 1033 W Gardner Ave. until 8:00 pm Election Day.
    • Or deposit it in one of the special ballot drop-off boxes  located at public libraries in the county.
    Q.   A member of my family has moved out of the state or county, can I get them removed from the voting rolls.
    A.   The family member will need to contact the elections office, in writing and sign the cancellation request in order to remove themselves from the voter rolls. Click here for a form they can use to Cancel Their Voter Registration.
    Q.   I moved out of Spokane County. What do I have to do to remove myself from the voting list? Can I do it by phone?
    A.   No, it must be done in writing. Contact the Spokane County Elections Office or the Office of the Secretary of State or go to the Voter Registration section of this web site.
    Q.   Why do I have to complete a new voter registration form?
    A.   Most voters who we ask to complete a new registration form have changed their name, moved or the signature we have on file is old. In order to ensure that you receive a ballot for upcoming elections (correct address) and that it will be counted (name change or signature update) it is advisable to complete the new voter registration form.
    Q.   I received some one else’s voter card, ballot or other election information at my address, what should I do? Can I throw the election material away?
    A.   Please return it to the Spokane County Elections Office.
    Q.   I need a voter ID card for traveling or as other ID. How do I get one?
    A.   Contact the Spokane County Elections Office to request a Voter Registration ID Card.
    Q.   I lost my voter ID card how do I get a new one?
    A.   You may call the elections office at 477-2320 and request a new voter ID card.
    Q.   I need a copy of my voter registration for school.
    A.   Contact the Spokane County Elections Office to request a new voter ID card.
    Q.   I am not sure if I am registered to vote?
    A.   The Elections Office can check to see if you are registered or you can go to Check Your Registration Status on this web site.
    Q.   I am a registered voter in Spokane County and have moved but did not notify the elections office before the election, can I get a ballot for the new area I live in?
    A.   No. To change your address or to change your name you need to meet the 29 day cutoff before an election. If you miss this cutoff date, you will need to vote under your old address. If the voter has a School District, Fire District, etc. on the ballot they no longer live in, it is up to their discretion whether or not to vote on those issues.
    Q.   How can I change my address on my voter registration record?
    A.   You can fill out a voter registration form or if you are changing your residence within the county you call the Elections Office at (509)477-2320. You can make some registration changes on line on our Update Your Registration page.
    Q.   What are Vote-by-Mail elections?
    A.   Vote-by-Mail elections are an alternative to polling place voting. Prior to each election, a ballot is automatically mailed to the address of record for each eligible registered voter.
    Q.   As a registered voter, what do I have to do to vote by mail?
    A.   If you live in Spokane County, which conducts all elections by mail, you will automatically receive a ballot. You will need to keep your residence and mailing addresses current with your County Auditor to ensure your ballot is mailed to the correct location. 

    If you live in a county that offers both absentee ballot voting and poll site voting, you’ll need to request an absentee ballot from your County Auditor. You may choose to request an absentee ballot for a single election or to receive absentee ballots permanently.
    Q.   Why are elections conducted by mail?
    A.   Over 60% of Spokane County voters had already requested to receive permanent absentee ballots at each election rather than go to an assigned polling place to vote on Election Day. Because of the low turnout at the polls on Election Day, it is not cost effective to continue to conduct poll site elections.
    Q.   How many Washington voters already vote by mail?
    A.   Currently, 38 of Washington’s 39 counties vote entirely by mail.
    Q.   I would like to vote at the polls, where do I go?
    A.   Spokane County is a Vote-by-Mail county, there are no poll sites. However, on Election Day, there are regional voter service centers open where you can take your vote-by-mail ballot, fill it out and deposit it.
    Q.   I am a registered voter in Spokane County and I did not receive my vote-by-mail ballot, what can I do?
    A.   If you did not receive a mail-in ballot you can get a replacement ballot at the Elections Office. You may call the elections office at (509) 477-2320 to get a replacement ballot mailed to you. Or, on Election Day you can vote a provisional ballot at any voter service center.
    Q.   When are the ballots mailed to the voters?
    A.   Washington State law requires ballots be mailed to voters at least 18 days prior to an election. It is the goal of the Spokane County Auditor to begin mailing ballots 20 days prior to Election Day.
    Q.   I will be out of town when ballots are mailed. How do I make sure I get a ballot?
    A.   If you will return prior to Election Day, you may have time to vote and return your ballot when you get back. If you will not return prior to Election Day, you will need to provide your County Auditor with a temporary mailing address to send your ballot. If you are going out of the United States, you may request a Special Absentee Ballot up to 90 days before an election. Or you may go to the elections office within 30 days of the election and request a ballot.
    Q.   What do I do if my ballot doesn’t arrive?
    A.   If Election Day is approaching and you have not received a ballot, contact the Spokane Elections Office for a replacement ballot. A good rule of thumb is, if you haven't received your ballot 10 days before Election Day, contact the elections office. If you would like a replacement ballot to be mailed to you, do not wait until the day before the election to request one. If there is not enough time to receive a replacement ballot by mail, you may pick one up in person at the elections office at 1033 W Gardner Ave. in Spokane. Also on Election Day you may vote a provisional ballot at any voter service center.
    Q.   What if I make a mistake while voting my ballot?
    A.   If you make a mistake on your ballot, you may be able to correct your ballot by crossing out the incorrect vote and marking the correct choice. If your ballot cannot be corrected, you should contact your County Elections Office for a replacement ballot.
    Q.   Do I have to return my ballot by mail?
    A.   You do not have to return your ballot by mail. You may return your ballot to the County Auditor’s Office or the Spokane County Elections Office. You may also drop your ballot at one of the ballot drop-off boxes at any public library in Spokane County. On Election Day there are several voter service centers that are open for ballot drop off or to help answer questions voters may have. Please do not allow anyone, other than someone you trust, to deliver your ballot for you. If you need assistance, please contact the Spokane County Elections Office at (509) 477-2320.
    Q.   How much postage is required to mail my ballot back?
    A.   Most mail ballots are designed to only require a standard first class stamp. If it is determined that the ballot(s) in a specific election will need extra postage, your County Auditor will so indicate in the instructions accompanying the ballot.
    Q.   I do not want to be on the Permanent Absentee status any longer, what do I need to do to remove this status?
    A.   All Spokane County is mail-in ballot now. If you do not want to vote the mail-in ballot you could vote a Provisional Ballot at a voter service center.
    Q.   How do I get on the Permanent Absentee status?
    A.   Spokane County is now a vote-by-mail county. You do not need to request to be on the Permanent Absentee status.
    Q.   What is the deadline for mailing in my vote-by-mail ballot?
    A.   The vote-by-mail ballot must be postmarked on or before election day. Most Post office branches stop collecting mail from their collection boxes after 5:00 pm. Two sites are open later: the boxes east of Division on Second Avenue have a final collection of mail at 7:00 pm and the boxes at the Post Office terminal on Spotted Road near the airport have a final collection of 9:00 pm.
    Q.   I cannot remember if I sent in my absentee ballot?
    A.   The status of your ballot may be checked by calling the Spokane County Elections Office at 509 477-2320.
    Q.   Can the public watch the mail ballots being processed?
    A.   Yes, the public may observe the processing of mail ballots. You may contact the Spokane County Auditor to arrange times to observe.
    Q.   I do not want to mail my ballot can I drop it off somewhere?
    A.   There are drop-off boxes and voter service centers that can be used in lieu of mailing your ballot. The voter service centers are only open on Election Day. A voter may drop off their ballot at the Auditor’s office in the courthouse, Monday thru Thursday 8:30 am until 4:00 pm and Friday from 8:30 am til Noon or the Election Dept at 1033 W Gardner between the hours of 8:30 am until 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday up through Election Day. The Elections Dept will also be open until 8:00 pm to drop off ballots or to get a replacement ballot on Election Day. The drop-off boxes, located outside all public libraries in the county, are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week beginning 20 days before the election. The final pick-up at the drop-off boxes is 8:00 pm election night.
    Q.   When must the voted ballot be returned?
    A.   Mail ballots must be post-marked on or before Election Day. If the Auditor’s Office receives a ballot after Election Day that was not post-marked on or before Election Day, the votes on the ballot will not be counted. 

    Be aware that mail is not picked up after 5:00 pm from most mail boxes around the county including those at Post Offices. Check the schedule on the mail box if you are depositing your ballot after 5:00 pm Election Day.

    If depositing your ballot at a voter service center, drop-off box or at the elections office, the deadline is 8:00 pm election night.
    Q.   How do I know if my ballot is received by the elections office?
    A.   Upon receiving your voted ballot, the Spokane County Auditor flags your record in the system to indicate you have returned a ballot. You may contact the elections office to ask if your record indicates that you’ve returned a ballot.
    Q.   May my spouse and I mail our ballots back in the same return envelope to save postage?
    A.   A signed voter affidavit, such as the one on the back of the return envelope must be submitted with each ballot in order for the ballot to be counted. If you want to save on postage, best practice is to deposit your ballot in a drop-off box at one of the public libraries or at a voter service center on Election Day.
    Q.   Can I pick up a ballot for someone else?
    A.   You may pick up a replacement ballot for yourself or an immediate member of your family. You may not pick-up a ballot for friends, acquaintances or your boss.
    Q.   How do I write-in a name on a ballot.
    A.   Each office on the ballot has a space to write-in a name. To ensure proper tabulation of the vote, fill-in the oval to the left of the write-in line and then write-in the name of the person for whom you wish to vote.
    Q.   What are the hours for voting?
    A.   Spokane County is a Vote-by-Mail county and does not have poll sites. Voter service centers are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. Ballots must be deposited at ballot drop-off locations no later than 8:00 pm on Election Day or postmarked no later than Election Day.
    Q.   Do I have to vote for everyone on the ballot? I heard that my ballot won’t be counted unless every issue is voted.
    A.   No. Provided you are registered to vote and your ballot is postmarked on time, all the races and issues you vote on will be counted regardless of whether you vote in each race.
    Q.   Can anyone find out how I’ve voted once I mail my ballot?
    A.   The procedures for processing mail ballots ensure that the secrecy is maintained for each voter’s ballot. The secrecy envelopes containing the ballots are removed and separated from the outer envelopes so that a particular ballot cannot be tied back to an individual voter. 
    The processing of ballots is open to the public for observation. Please contact the elections office for details.
    Q.   Will my vote still count if I forget to put my ballot into the secrecy envelope?
    A.   Your ballot will still be counted if you forget to put your ballot into a secrecy envelope. You may call theSpokane County Elections Office or go to a voter service center Election Day for replacement envelopes.
    Q.   Will my vote still count if I forget to sign my ballot envelope?
    A.   The affidavit on the back of your ballot return envelope must be signed for your ballot to count. If you return your mail ballot without signing the oath on the back of the envelope the elections office will contact you by mail and attempt to call you by telephone. You will need to return a signed oath prior to the day before certification of the election for your ballot to be counted. If your unsigned envelope is returned within three business days of certification or you have not responded to the Auditor’s mailing within three business days of certification, the County Auditor will again attempt to contact you by telephone. (Note: this is one reason it is a good idea to provide your telephone number when you submit a Voter Registration Form.)
    Q.   Can somebody else sign my ballot envelope for me?
    A.   Nobody may sign your ballot envelope for you. This includes people who may have Power of Attorney to sign many documents on your behalf. If you are unable to sign the envelope, you may make a mark and have two witnesses sign, indicating that they observed you make the mark. There is a space for this on the back of the envelope.
    Q.   I didn’t receive a ballot, why?
    A.   In most cases people who do not receive ballots are not registered to vote, have moved and did not notify the elections office of their new address or they do not live in the municipality or district where the election is being held. If you do not receive a ballot for an election by ten days before Election Day, please call the Elections Office at 509 477-2320.
    Q.   Some how my ballot got damaged, how do I get another ballot?
    A.   Contact the elections office immediately for a replacement ballot. If it is only a day or two before the election, you can either come to the elections office to get the replacement ballot or go to a voter service center on Election Day and vote a Provisional Ballot.
    Q.   My ballot got torn in half, may I tape it together and will you count my vote?
    A.   Probably, but we would prefer that you ask for and vote a replacement ballot. Torn ballots must be duplicated by the Elections Office in order for your votes to be counted.
    Q.   I re-opened my return envelope because I forgot to place the ballot in the yellow security envelope, or I forgot to sign the envelope, or I changed my vote. I can't use the return envelope again so what can I do now? Will I be in trouble for doing this?
    A.   You will not be in trouble. Contact the elections office for a replacement envelope to use in returning your ballot. Or make your own. The important thing is the affidavit on the back of the return envelope, it must be signed in order for your ballot to be counted. Click here for a copy of the affidavit which you can use. Enclose it with your ballot in the return envelope but do not place it inside the security envelope.
    Q.   My spouse will be out of the area during the election period. He/she said I could vote their ballot, may I?
    A.   No. State law prohibits a person from voting the ballot of another voter.
    Q.   When will election results be known?
    A.   The results do not become official until the election is certified. Elections are certified 15 days after a Primary or Special Election and 21 days after a General Election. Preliminary election results are released on Election Night and are updated each time the Auditor’s Office counts additional valid ballots. For most countywide elections ballots are counted daily, except on weekends and holidays.
    Q.   If I do not have a way to get to a drop-off center to vote or drop off my ballot, is there anyone who could take me?
    A.   One of the political parties or the League of Women Voters frequently aid voters. Call the Democratic Committee number 324-8525, Republican Party number 838-6162 or the League of Women Voters 326-8026.
    Q.   How can I contact my elected official?
    A.   There is a list on the Spokane County Elections web site called “Contact Your Lawmaker”, it has contact information for most elected officials.
    Q.   How can I contact the political parties? Can I change my party affiliation with you?
    A.   Contact information for Washington State and Spokane County political parties can be found on our web page, “Political Parties”. Voters in the State of Washington are not required to declare a political party and no information on party affiliation is kept in the voter registration database.
    Q.   What Congressional, Legislative or City Council District am I in? What precinct am I in?
    A.   You may find information on all your districts and your precinct by going to the Check Your Registration Status section of our web page or call the elections office at (509) 477-2320.
    Q.   How do I create a petition to change a law or get a law passed?
    A.   The Washington State Constitution permits initiative and referendum as does the City of Spokane’s Charter. Spokane County and most other municipalities in the county are organized under the Revised Code of Washington and do not allow for initiative and referendum.
    Q.   What is a provisional ballot? Why do I have to vote a provisional ballot? I just want to vote.
    A.   A provisional ballot will be issued at a voter service center if there is no record that you are registered to vote. Before the ballot can be counted county elections administrators will research the voter registration data base to determine if you are registered, if so, your ballot will be processed. Provisional ballots insure that no voter will be turned away as a result of a clerical error.
    Q.   When is the election?
    A.   The General Election is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The Primary Election is the third Tuesday in August. Special Elections may be held during either the General or Primary or according to the following schedule:
    • The first Tuesday after the first Monday in February
    • The fourth Tuesday in April
    • The third Tuesday in May (Failed tax levies in that calender year and new bonds only)
    Q.   What are your office hours?
    A.   The Spokane County Elections Office is open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, except on official holidays. The office is also open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm on Election Day.
    Q.   How do I get to the Spokane County Elections Office? Is there parking?
    A.   The Spokane County Elections Office is located at 1033 W. Gardner Ave. in Spokane, which is one block south of Boone Ave. and just west of Monroe St. (Map). The office is located in the southwest corner of the Gardner Center Building. The Spokane County Public Defender’s Office is at the front of the building. Go to the loading dock on the west side and follow the red, white and blue footprints to the office.

    There is metered parking on the west side of the building.
    Q.   Is there someone available from your office who can give a presentation to my group/club/organization?
    A.   Contact the Elections Office at 509 477-6390 or Spokane County Auditor, Vicky Dalton at 509 477-2262
    Q.   Can we tour your offices and watch the election process?
    A.   Contact the Elections Office at 509 477-6390 or Spokane County Auditor, Vicky Dalton at 509 477-2262.
    Q.   Why does it take so long to count all the votes?
    A.   State law provides that any valid ballot post marked no later than Election Day will be counted as long as it arrives at the Elections Office no later than the day before certification. Certification for a General Election is 21 days after Election Day and certification for all other elections is 15 days after Election Day.
    Q.   What are some of the reasons my ballot might not be counted?
    A.   Most people whose votes are not counted are either not registered, their ballot was not postmarked on time, they did not sign their ballot envelope or the signature on their ballot did not match the signature we have on file.
    Q.   I’m looking for results from an election held several years ago, where can I find this information?
    A.   Election results from 2002 to the present are posted on our web site at Results and Statistics from Previous Elections. Results from years prior to 2002 can be provided by the State Archives, Eastern Regional Office in Cheney.
    Q.   How do I get information about registered voters?
    A.   Information from the voter registration list is available for non-commercial, political purposes only. Voter phone numbers are not provided, however. You can request this information by completing and submitting a Request for Voter Information. Depending on the size of the file, the information is provided by email or on a Compact Disk.
    Q.   Does everyone vote on the Spokane County Commissioner District races in the Primary Election?
    A.   No. Only those voters registered in the Commissioner District that is on the Primary ballot will vote for those candidates. In the General Election everyone will vote in the Commissioner District races. 3
    Q.   Who do I complain to regarding campaign signs?
    A.   There are few laws that govern the placement of campaign signs, but you can contact the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission Toll Free at 877-601-2828.
    Q.   I want to run for office, how do I file? When is filing week? What offices will be on the ballot?
    A.   All of this information is available on this web site under Filing for Office. For offices within Spokane County you need to file with the Spokane County Elections Office. If running for an office that serves more than one county or the state, file with the Secretary of State’s Office.
    Q.   How do I get information about the candidates and issues?
    A.   The Office of the Secretary of State publishes a voters’ pamphlet containing information about state ballot measures, candidate statements and photographs at General Elections. Spokane County publishes an “on-line”  voter’s guide. Other sources of information about candidates and issues include local newspapers, television, libraries, political parties, and through candidate campaigns. You may often find election information on the web site of a municipality or district with candidates or issues on the ballot.
    Q.   I heard that absentee/mail ballots are counted last or not at all, is this true?
    A.   Regardless of whether a county has poll sites or is a vote-by-mail county, all valid ballots are counted.
    Q.   I was convicted of a felony, when can I register to vote and who do I contact to see if my rights have been restored?
    A.   In general, when a felon convicted in a state court, has served his/her time, they may re-register to vote. For details on restoration of voting rights, see “Felons and Voting Rights” on this web site.
    Q.   What is a Provisional Ballot?
    A.   Provisional ballots are issued to insure every eligible voter is provided the opportunity to vote. Information provided by the voter on the Provisional Ballot envelope is researched to insure the voter is qualified to vote before the ballot is counted. Provisional Ballots are a generic ballot listing all issues and candidates in the election on the ballot. Only those issues and candidates the voter is entitled to vote on will be remade on a regular mail-in ballot to be counted.
    Q.   More questions?
    A.   You may contact the Spokane County Elections Office or the Office of the Secretary of State if you have more questions.
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