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Filing For Office In 2012

Candidates wishing to file for office must file at the appropriate location if filing in person. Any office that encompasses more than one county candidates must file in Olympia.

Candidates for offices that are only within Whatcom County may file in the Whatcom County Auditor's Office. See times and address below.

The offices open for filing in Whatcom County are:

  • State Representative, 42nd Legislative District, Position 1
  • State Representative, 42nd Legislative District, Position 2
  • Public Utility District 1, Commissioner District 2
  • Superior Court Judge, Position 1
  • Superior Court Judge, Position 2
  • Superior Court Judge, Position 3
  • Precinct Committee Officer

All other candidates must file on-line or in Olympia.

All candidates may file on-line.

* All information submitted during filing is a public record


Filing for office in 2012 can be accomplished in three ways.

In Person

Monday, May 14th through Friday, May 18th

8:30 am to 4:30 pm daily

Whatcom County Auditors Office

311 Grand Avenue, Suite 103

Bellingham, WA


Monday, May 14th through Friday, May 18th

9:00 am Monday to 4:00 pm Friday

By Mail

Candidates may file by mail but all filings must be in this office by 4:30 pm Friday, May 18th. 



Declaration Of Candidacy (PDF)  

Withdrawal Of Candidacy (PDF)  

Precinct Committee Officer Declaration Of Candidacy (PDF)  

Declaration Of Write-In Candidacy (PDF)  



Filing For Office (PDF)  A filing guide

WSDOT 2012 Campaign Advisory (PDF) 

Whatcom County Political Sign Rules (PDF) 

Public Disclosure Commission Website 



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